Friday, October 14, 2011

History of Campus Equity Week

Get ready for #CEW2011 (or #FEW2011) with a brief refresher on how it all started...

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"The issues of contingent academic employment in higher education are, we believe, universal. They threaten the foundation of human intellectual development and socio-political progress worldwide.

CEW/FEW has its roots in a coalition established for a common week of action throughout California's 107 community college campuses (CCCs) in Spring 2000 (Called Action 2000 or “A2K”). The motivation then was a common interest in specific state legislation and the California state budget. There developed active participation on 85 campuses which gained strong support in the legislature and from California’s Governor. However, many long term benefits of the week of action were not really goals (though some of us hoped for and predicted these outcomes).
....the California campaign came to the attention of a nascent coalition of faculty on the East Coast of the US (the Conference on Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL - later becoming the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor), leading to the establishment of ties among several centers of faculty organizing that were confronting the increasing abuse of contingent assignments in higher education. Fueled by internet listservs and email communications, various faculty leaders throughout North America agreed that the A2K model of loosely coordinated but locally motivated and controlled action was worth attempting throughout US and Canadian higher education."
Read the complete History of Campus Equity Week, 2005 by Chris Storer

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