Saturday, October 15, 2011

Activity for #CEW2011: Organize a Legislative Forum

Another Campus Equity Week 2o11 activity, the legislative forum, can be a simple as inviting a legislator to campus during the week to discuss higher ed, student and contingent faculty issues, as elaborate as organizing a full blown forum: panel, moderator, press releases, presentation, open to public, press, livestreamed, making full use or social media, etc., or something in in between the two. Jack Longmate's 2008 article will get you started.
"Since states fund public higher education, state legislators are essential to reform efforts. An excellent way to familiarize legislators with faculty needs is through a legislative forum, where legislators are invited to discuss higher education issues.

Most legislators enjoy the chance to meet with their constituents, say a few words, and learn more about the academic institutions within their districts. Their presence can draw some media notice, along with the attention of the campus community and the general public. Their presence can also be the beginning of a relationship that could pay off when decisions are made about priorities and spending. At Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, legislative forums, inspired by Campus Equity Week, have become annual events, with a stronger following each year."
Read the rest of Jack Longmate's 2008 article, Organizing a Legislative Forum, in AAUP's bi-monthly magazine, Academe. See also 2007 CEW forum presentation. Updated email:

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